Shifts Needed Tomorrow + MORE SUPER VOLUNTEERS!

    Dear Dolphin Families-

    It is bittersweet…this Saturday is our LAST team meet of the season! As much as I have enjoyed getting up early on Saturday mornings to enjoy time with our kids and AWESOME VOLUNTEERS…all good things must come to an end. This weekend is your last chance for an act of sacrifice for the team- to either fulfill your volunteer commitment or become a SUPER VOLUNTEER (with 26+ hours served and 2nd shift timer). We still need the following roles filled tomorrow. Please note shifts are shorter at this meet- running 1st shift (events 1-24), 2nd shift (events 25-50), and 3rd shift (events 51-80):

    • Computers: 1- 2nd shift, 1- 3rd shift
    • Ready Bench: 2- 1st shift, 1- 2nd shift, 1- 3rd shift
    • Runner: 2- 3rd shift
    • Safety Marshall: 1- 3rd shift
    • Tent Parent: 7-8 Girls, 9-10 Boys, 11-12 Girls
    • Tent Take-down: 1- After meet

    In case you wondered- hours and points are synonymous. Your points are your hours! A HUGE THANKS to the following families for logging in 26+ POINTS/HOURS to make the season happen- our newest SUPER VOLUNTEER families are:

    1. Evans- 50

    2. Heredia- 44

    3. Nason- 37.5

    4. Gavito- 37

    5. Nava- 36

    6. Wade- 31

    7. Elrod- 30

    8. Sipila- 30

    9. McKinney- 29

    10. Orbe/Rosas- 28

    11. Bettis- 27.5

    12.  Barlow- 26

    13.. Brugger- 26

    We can’t wait to celebrate ALL OF OUR SUPER VOLUNTEERS and LEADS at the End-of-Season Party coming up this Wednesday, June 19th at Lowery Elementary at 6:30 p.m. Don’t miss it!

    Go Dolphins, Swim Fast ONE MORE TIME!

    Natalie Blasingame, Volunteer Coordinator

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