Board Nominations for 2020 Swim Season

    Dear Dolphin Families- 

    Copperfield Dolphins Swim Team will celebrate our 40th Anniversary in the 2020 swim season. Thank you to the following dedicated BOARD MEMBERS who have agreed to continue to serve our kids and neighborhood- and we seek NOMINATIONS to fill the OPEN board roles as we lead the team into our next 40 years:

    1. President – Ryan Hause
    2. Vice-President/NWALTeam Rep- Heather Ugron
    3. Communications/Secretary- OPEN
    4. Treasurer - Nicole Gerrard
    5. Computers – David Donnelly
    6. Concessions – Jennifer Walker
    7. Volunteer Coordinator - Natalie Blasingame
    8. Apparel, Awards & Fundraising- OPEN

    The qualifications for board nominees are that they be: (1) Nominated by at least two members (other than themselves); (2) Have SUPER VOLUNTEER status during the 2019 swim season.

    The process for nominating a board candidate is to email nominating committee members Nicole Gerrard and Natalie Blasingame before midnight on Friday, June 21, 2019.

    We will confirm the interest of those nominated, interview candidates at the board meeting on Monday, June 24th, and elect members through silent vote at that meeting. We will send an email announcement to the team the week following.

    We also thank the following LEADS that oversee essential team functions. If already serving, please formalize your intent to return, or if you are willing to step into leadership on the team next year in some role please let us know by emailing Natalie or Nicole.

    1. Computers Lead- Melany Barlow
    2. Concessions Leads- Shelly Berry and Natalie Evans
    3. DJ/Announcer- Longs
    4. Head Ref- Chris Lapina
    5. Hospitality Lead- Tamara Gavito
    6. Invitationals Lead- Laura Cardona
    7. Ready Bench Leads- Christina McCarthy and Rebecca Nason
    8. Ribbons Lead- Brenda Gautam
    9. Tent Team Lead- Jaime Nava
    10. Volunteer Coordination Lead- America Heredia

    Please confirm your willingness to return to a role, serve in a role, or nominate someone you think would be great in a role. Once elected, the new board will confirm all committee chairs and send this out with the board announcement. Do this by emailing Nicole Gerrard and Natalie Blasingame before midnight on Friday, June 21st. We hope to get a great head start on the 2020 swim season- our 40th anniversary as a team.

    We thank all of our amazing VOLUNTEERS for your service this year- without your commitment to serve there would be no swim meets! Collectively you have served around 3,129 volunteer hours this season- your dedication and sacrifice are noted and appreciated. The current and future boards thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Happy Father’s Day to all our amazing dads!

    Go Dolphins, Swim Fast!


    Natalie Blasingame and Nicole Gerrard

    Nominating Committee

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