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Position Descriptions

Our team is run solely on the power of our volunteers, so we ask that each family be a big part of making it a success by volunteering throughout the season. Volunteers are needed to help ensure a safe, efficient and fun experience for all swimmers, families and visitors to Dolphin swim team meets.

Look through the available positions below and sign up for one that sounds interesting to you when you are declaring your swimmer for the meet.

Position Description

Bathroom Monitor

Arrive at 6:30am. Refill toilet paper, paper towels & soap. Check and maintain bathrooms throughout the meet. Sanitize surfaces hourly during the meet. Supplies are in the storage room. Be sure bathroom is ready by swimmer check-in at 6:45 a.m.

Check-In Monitor

Arrive by 6:30 a.m. for home meets, 7:00 am for away meets to get clipboard and lists of swimmers from volunteer coordinator. Check in swimmers before meet. Be ready to check in swimmers starting at 6:45 a.m. (home) and 7:10 a.m. (away) and until swimmer check-in ends 7:00 a.m. (home) and 7:30 a.m. (away). Give check-in sheets to Coaches or Computers and they will send to coaches. Also may be asked to direct volunteers to their positions. Provides an array of information for the other team.
Computers Results Input

Arrive by 8:00am. Assist the computer lead by inputting swim heat results. Volunteers should know how to use a computer and a mouse and be efficient at 10-key touch.

Computer Results Verifier Arrive at 8:00am. Receive results from runner after each event is completed, circle the middle time and pass results to computer result input team. Once results have been recorded, verify that the middle time was recorded. Place verified results in verified pile. Report any inconsistencies to the Head Computer person.
DJ / Announcer  Provide swimmers and guests with updates on meet events, Ensure swim events are announced at appropriate times to properly align swimmers at Ready Bench, play music, announce team sponsors. Keeps the crowd energized.
Dolphin Diner Arrive by 7:15am for first shift help. Assist with food and drink preparation and sales.
Entrance/Exit Gate Monitor Ensure swimmers and spectators are entering and exiting properly.
Event/Heat Updater for Mobile App You will need a mobile phone and a constant eye on the pool. Each time a heat is completed you will update the mobile app. This keeps all parents updated on what’s happening in the pool so they know when they can expect their swimmer to be on deck. Please check in with Tara Hall at the computer area for further instructions at least 20 minutes prior to your shift start time.
Head Timer Arrive at 8:00am. Conducts timer meeting with all timers for all shifts. Keep extra stopwatches for the timers and run master stopwatch.
Meet Set Up Home Meets:  Arrive at 6:00am. Set up blocks, flags, chairs, tables, tents and sound equipment, in pool area for meet. Also setup 2 tents for volunteer parents children in home team setup area.
Away Meets: MUST HAVE A TRUCK - Coordinate with Ryan Hause 281-635-5353.  On Friday Night pick up 4 team tents from Park Falls pool storage room.  On Saturday morning, arrive by 6:30 am and setup the tents. Enlist help from bystanders, everyone is helpful!  
Meet Tear Down Home Meets:  After the meet, take down blocks, flags, tables, tents and sound equipment, put chairs back.
Away Meets: MUST HAVE A TRUCK - Coordinate with Ryan Hause 281-635-5353.Take down our 4 tents and deliver to Park Falls pool. Coordinate with Ryan Hause 281-635-5353.
Official Arrive at 8:00am for officials meeting. Help Head Referee officiate the meet. Must be certified by NWAL
Ready Bench Arrive at 8:00am. Get swimmers lined up and ready for each heat. You will be responsible for an entire heat, taking swimmers from the staging area to the bench to the blocks and then will start another heat.
Ribbons Prepare ribbons after event 40 is in the water.
Runner Distribute the necessary paperwork that is required to run the meet. This includes heat sheets to specific volunteers and blank time sheets to scribes and take finished sheets to computer entry.
Tent Parent for Volunteer Children

Arrive at 6:45am. Check in with Volunteer Coordinator who will be located in the Tent Area and get a clipboard with your Event Listing. BEFORE MEET: --Help mark swimmers with their name/events. Get swimmers to warm up. DURING MEET: --Help get age group swimmers ready for each event, escort group to ready bench. --1 parent moves age group to read bench, 1 parent stays behind with other children AFTER MEET: --Ensure swimmers pick up all trash --Take any belongings left behind to Lost and Found --Fold bottom tarp --Break down tent (get help if needed) --Turn in clipboard

Timers/Scribe Arrive at 8:00am. Time and may also Scribe during each event/heat. Time swimmers’ event using provided stopwatch. Scribes will write results on timer sheets to send with runner to computers.
Trash Removal After the meet is over, remove all trash bags and take them to disposal.   You will need a truck with a trailer to input the trash in the trailer for removal. We can not leave the trash at the pool. Trash will be taken to the dumpsters at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints at 16203 Longenbaugh Dr, Houston, TX 77095. 
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